May 15, 2018 MCC Thrift & Gift


As we celebrate 40 years of Thrift here in Elmira, we thank our Volunteers who have made it possible and look back  at our history…

MCC Thrift & Gift began in 1978 as MCC Benefit Shop at 21 King St in Elmira. It was established by Helen and Peter Rempel from Waterloo who had assisted with the opening of the St. Catharines and Kitchener MCC Shops.

The first managers were Adeline Horst and Naomi Brubacher. The first 3 months of sales were $1477. By 1982 MCC Benefit shop was forwarding over $13,000 a year and was quickly running out of space.



Plans were made to purchase the Kingdom Hall on Samuel St. The name was changed to MCC Thrift & Gift and Self Help Crafts was introduced to enhance sales. The shop remained in that location for 22 years.The forwardings to MCC had jumped to $142,000 and again the store needed expansion.


In 2004 the Stone Crock Restaurant on Church St. (just one block away) was purchased with over 65 different volunteers assisting in the renovations that were needed to turn a restaurant into a thrift shop. In the last 14 years the store has evolved with 6 staff and over 200 volunteers. Forwardings for the 2016-2017 fiscal year were $744,000.




With the opening of the MCC rePurpose Centre in Elmira, it has eased the excess of generous Donations so that we can stay in this wonderful location longer. As we celebrate our 40 years of thrift in Elmira, God continues to amaze and inspire us to use his people and creations in new and wonderful ways.






July 25, 2018 we celebrated with our customers and volunteers 40 years in Elmira.  Serving cake were Betty Marshall; MCC Thrift & Gift General Manager, John Head;  MCCO Executive Director, Jan Martens Janzen;  MCCO Director of Social Enterprise.